Arkansas Flag

    Arkansas Flag
    State flag of Arkansas
    Adopted February 26, 1913
    Proportion 2:3
    Designer Willie Kavanaugh Hocker
    Usage State flag &
    Civil flag

    Arkansas flag

    Arkansas flag
    Arkansas state flag
    The state flag of Arkansas consists of a red field with a blue-bordered white diamond in the center. The white diamond has the state name, "ARKANSAS" in blue, with one star above and three stars below. The bottom star in the white diamond points downwards while the other three stars point upwards. Surrounding the white diamond is a blue band with 25 white stars.

    Arkansas flag colors - meaning

    diamond: represents Arkansas as the nation’s first diamond‐producing state.
    lone star above 'ARKANSAS': commemorates Arkansas’s membership in the Confederacy
    three stars below 'ARKANSAS': recalls (i) that Arkansas belonged to three countries (France, Spain, and the United States) before attaining statehood; (ii) the year of the Louisiana Purchase when the land that is now Arkansas was acquired by the United States (3rd year in nineteenth century i.e. 1803); (iii) that Arkansas was the third state created from the Louisiana Purchase by the United States (Louisiana, Missouri and Arkansas)
    twenty‐five stars: recalls that Arkansas was the twenty‐fifth state to be admitted to the Union. The two parallel white stars at the left and right points of the diamond symbolize the dual admission of Arkansas and Michigan to the Union (both states' acts of admission were signed by President Andrew Jackson on June 15, 1836) Both were admitted to the Union few months apart ‐ Arkansas on June 15, 1836, and Michigan on January 26, 1837.
    red, white and blue colors: represents United States as they are the colors of United States flag
    Arkansas Flag - History

    In 1912, Pine Bluff chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution wished to present a state flag for the commissioning of the battleship USS Arkansas. When they learned from the Secretary of State Earl W. Hodges that there is no official flag for Arkansas, they decided to hold a statewide flag design contest. Out of the 65 designs they received, the design of Miss Willie Hocker - on a rectangular field of red, a large white diamond bordered by twentyfive white stars on a blue band with three blue stars in a straight line centered in the diamond - was chosen.

    Miss Willie Hocker's original design did not put the state's name - "ARKANSAS" - in the white diamond. At the request of the flag committee, chaired by Secretary of State Earle Hodges, Hocker added "ARKANSAS" and rearranged the stars to one on top and two on bottom of the state's name. This flag was adopted by the legislature on February 26, 1913

    Later, some sections of the society pointed out that there was no indication on the flag the Arkansas had been a member of the Confederate States of America from 1861 to 1865. To correct that, the legislature in 1923 added a fourth blue star above the letter “R” in Arkansas and moved the single blue star to a position above the last “A”

    Even the altered design met with resistance and many claimed the the original symmetry and meaning of the design were destroyed. So in 1924 the legislature placed three blue stars below the word “ARKANSAS” and one above. The new design satisfied all sections of Arkansas and so it remains tody as a proud banner that flies for all Arkansans.

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    Arkansas flag Picture

    Arkansas flag image

    Arkansas flag image

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