Chile Flag
    Chile flag
    Nickname La Estrella Solitaria
    (The Lone Star)
    Adopted 18 October 1817
    Proportion 2:3
    Flag day 9 July

    Flag of Chile
    Chile flag
    The national flag of Chile consists of two unequal horizontal bands of white and red and a blue square the same height as the white band in the canton, which bears a white five-pointed star in the center.

    Chile Flag symbolism - meaning
     blue stands for the sky and the Pacific Ocean
     White symbolizes the snow-covered Andes
     Red represents the bloodshed and sacrifices of citizens to achieve independence.
     The star represents the guide to progress and honor
    Chile flag history
    In 1812, at the height of Chilean War of Independence, patriotic Chileans hoisted a tricolour flag named the flag of the Patria Vieja ("Old Fatherland") that had three horizontal stripes of blue, white and yellow (believed to represent the sky, the snowy Andes and fields of golden wheat) Spanish forces defeated Chilean rebel forces in 1814 and that marked the end of the flag of the Patria Vieja
    On 26 May 1817, the Chilean patriot forces under the able leadership of José de San Martín scored a victory at the Battle of Chacabuco and raised the Flag of the Transition (Bandera de la Transición) that had three horizontal stripes of blue, white and red (believed to represent the sky, the snowy Andes and blood of Chilean patriots)

    Flag of Chile
    Chile Flag Info
    The current flag was adopted on 18 October 1817. The colors of the Flag of the Transition were rearranged and, with an inspitation from the American flag, a star was added in the blue canton to represent an independent state. The Chilean flag is also known in Spanish as 'La Estrella Solitaria' (The Lone Star)
    Chile flag day
    Chile flag day
    Chilean flag day, celebrated every year on July 9th, corresponds to the anniversary of the battle of La Concepción where 77 Chileans, under the command of Captain Ignacio Carrera Pinto, died in a small Peruvian town of La Concepción in 1882. The Chilean garrison consisted of 77 young men between 16 and 18 years old. They resisted for two days the attack of two thousand Peruvian soldiers that ultimately led to the death of the entire contingent. The courage showed by these men, that heroically kept the Chilean flag aloft, led to the 9th of July officially being declared “the Day of the National Flag” in 1974.
    Chile flag Vs. Texas flag - Similarities
    Chile flag was very similar to the flag of Texas. The flag of Texas was designed and adopted on 25 January 1839, whereas Chile's flag was adopted earlier on 18 October 1817. Both flags were modeled on the flag of United States and hence the similarity.
    Texas flag Vs Chile flag
    Flag of Chile
    Chile flag display rules
    Public buildings and private residences are required to display the flag on Navy Day (21 May), National Day (18 September) and Army Day (19 September). If the flag is displayed incorrectly or not displayed at all during these days, the person responsible may be fined.
    the flag should be hoisted from the tip of a white mast, and if done in company with other flags different, they must be of equal or lesser size. The Chilean flag must be set to the left if the sum of the flags is an even number or the center if the sum is an odd number. The flag must also be the first to be lifted and lowered the last.
    The Chilean flag can be displayed hanging either vertically or horizontally from a building or wall. In both cases, the blue square should be to the viewer's upper left.

Chile Anthem

    Chile flag picture
    Flag of Chile
    Chile flag picture
    Flag of Chile
    Chile flag picture
    Flag of Chile
    Chile flag picture
    Flag of Chile
    Pledge to the National Flag
    In memory of the brave heroes of the Battle of La Concepcion in 1882, on 9 July each year, the very day the final Chilean soldiers in La Concepcion died in defense of the Chilean nation, this Pledge to the Flag (Juramento de la Bandera) is recited at all installations and military bases of the Chilean Army and on graudation parades of the Chilean Navy and Chilean Air Force across the nation in remembrance of this great moment in Chilean history. If done for the Carabineros de Chile, it is on the service anniversary (27 April) and passing out parades of enlisted personnel.
    English translation of the pledge - Armed Forces variant
    I (rank and name) pledge, to God and this flag,
    to serve my Fatherland with loyalty,
    whether in sea, on land, or anywhere else,
    to give my life if need be,
    to fulfill my military duties and obligations,
    in accordance with the laws and regulations,
    to obey quickly and punctually the orders of my superiors,
    to invest my efforts in being a brave, honorable and patriotic soldier (sailor, airmen)!

    English translation of the pledge - Carabineros variant

    I pledge, as a constable, to God and this very flag,
    To serve loyally the duties of my profession,
    To preserve the Constiution and laws of the republic,
    and to serve all citizens and the people who live in this land
    even if it needs for me to sacrifice my life
    for the defense of order and the Fatherland!