Flag of Denmark

    Dannebrog fast facts
    Name: Dannebrog ('Danish cloth')
    Adopted: 1625 AD
    Proportion (width:length): 28:37
    Record: Oldest national flag

    Denmark Flag - Information
    The National flag of Denmark (popularly called 'Dannebrog' meaning 'the flag of the Danes' or 'Danish cloth') consisting of a red field with a white cross that extends to the edges of the flag. The vertical part of the cross is shifted to the hoist side

    Denmark Flag - colors meaning/symbolism
    Red stands for the battle and the bloodshed
    White cross symbolizes the holy cause for which the blood was shed
    Denmark flag history and facts
    According to a legend, the Danish flag fell from heaven on June 15, 1219, during the Battle of Lyndanisse (near modern Tallinn, Estonia) as a sign from God of his support for Danish King Valdemar II, who caught the gift before it ever touched the ground. The flag is believed to have inspired the Danish army to victory against the Estonians. In reality, the flag could have been a gift from the Pope for the Crusades as the imperial war flag of the Holy Roman Empire used the same design. (Crusades are the military campaigns sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church from 11th to 16th centuries to restore Christian access to holy places in and around Jerusalem)
    Denmark flag history

    Officially adopted as state flag in 1625, Denmark flag is the oldest, continuously used national flag in the world.
    The width-to-length ratio of the Denmark flag can be 28:34 to 28:37
    A white cross formy with a red bordure was used by the Portuguese Order of Christ that was founded in 1318 during a crusade against the Moors. The Portuguese gold coin, the portugalese or português, reproduced the Cross of Christ and the words in hoc signo vinces (Latin phrase meaning "In this sign you will conquer") From 1591 Christian IV struck Danish coins with a similar cross which quickly became associated with the cross of the Dannebrog.

    Denmark Flag facts
    When Coca-Cola discovered that part of its classic logo looks like the Danish flag, Ad agency McCann Copenhagen has decided to make an interactive airport ad that dispenses flags. Coca Cola wanted to make a campaign that Denmark is the happiest country in the world.
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    Denmark flag picture
    Denmark flag picture
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