France Flag
    Nickname Le drapeau tricolore ("French Tricolor")
    Designers Gilbert du Motier (popularly known as 'Lafayette') and Jacques-Louis David
    Adopted 15 February 1794
    Proportion 2:3
    Design A vertical tricolour of blue, white, and red
    Flag of France
    France Flag
    France Flag
    The National Flag of the France consists of three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), white, and red. The dynastic colour of Bourbons, white, was put between blue and red, the traditional colours of Paris, to make the vertical tricolor. The Red-White-Blue Tricolor flag, adopted in 1790. A modified design of Blue-White-Red Tricolor by Jacques-Louis David was adopted in 1794.
    France Flag Colors - symbolism
    French Flag Colors - popular (unofficial) symbolism
     Blue represents liberty
    White symbolizes equality
     Red stands for fraternity
    Previous flag of France

    France Flag
    Flag of Kingdom of France
    "fleur-de-lis" ("flower of the lily"), a stylized lily, was the traditional symbol of the French royalty, and is said to signify perfection, light, and life. Many versions of the flags of the Kingdom of France used gold fleurs-de-lis on dark blue background.
    France flag history
    France Flag
    French flag history
    The French tricolour flag was inspired by the cockades used during the French Revolution. Cockades are circular rosette-like emblems attached to the hat. The Paris militia fought the French revolution wearing blue and red cockades as blue and red are the traditional colours of Paris. The dynastic colour of Bourbons, white, was added to the blue and red colors, and on 27 July, 1789, a red-white-blue tricolour cockade was adopted as part of the uniform of the National Guard, the national police force that succeeded the militia. A drapeau tricolore with vertical red, white and blue stripes was approved by the Constituent Assembly on 24 October 1790. The order was reversed to blue-white-red, the current design, by a resolution passed on 15 February 1794.
    France Flag pictures
    French Flag picture