Guyana Flag (The Golden Arrowhead) - Information
National flag of Guyana (popularly known as 'The Golden Arrowhead') has green field, with a red isosceles triangle (based on the hoist side) superimposed on a long, yellow arrowhead; there is a narrow, black border between the red and yellow, and a narrow, white border between the yellow and the green.

Guyana Flag - Colors - meaning and symbolism
Red signifies zeal and the sacrifice of the Guyana's people
Golden Arrowhead stands for mineral wealth and a bright future
Green represents Guyana's forest and agricultural fields
White symbolizes Guyana's rivers and water potential
Black indicates perseverance of the Guyanese people
Guyana Flag - History, Facts & information for kids
National flag of Guyana ('The Golden Arrowhead') was designed by Whitney Smith, an American vexillologist. His winning entry in the international competition held by the newly independent Guyana in 1962 was slightly altered to arrive at the curret design
The flag was officially hoisted for the first time on Independence Day, May 26, 1966.

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Guyana Flag pictures
Guyana Flag pictures

Guyana Flag
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