Louisiana Flag
    Louisiana Flag
    State flag of Louisiana
    Adopted 1912
    Proportion 7:11
    Use State flag

    Louisiana flag

    Louisiana flag
    Louisiana state flag
    The state flag of Louisiana consists of a blue field featuring a nest bearing three chicks, a mother pelican vulning herself (wounding herself by biting her breast to feed her three chicks from the blood) with her head turned to the viewer’s right and displaying three drops of blood on her breast. Beneath the nest a white banner bears the state motto “Union Justice Confidence.”

    Louisiana flag colors - meaning

    vulning pelican: mother pelican wounding herself by biting her breast to feed her chicks from the blood is a medieval symbol called 'A Pelican In Her Piety' that represented the spirit of self-sacrifice and dedication to progress. (Real pelicans never perform this dramatic sacrifice)

    The Louisiana flag contains 12 Pantone colors printed on a white (PMS 000) background. The specified colors, location and use are as follows:
    PMS Cool Gray 8C – Pelican (gray – mother pelican)
    PMS Cool Gray 11C – Banner (gray – shadows)
    PMS 109C – Pelican Plumage (bright yellow – mother pelican’s head)
    PMS 497C – Pelican (dark brown – mother pelican’s bill, wings, bottom and nest)
    PMS 724C – Nest (chocolate brown)
    PMS 721C – Nest (tan)
    PMS 142C – Nest (golden tan)
    PMS 485C – Blood droplets (red – mother pelican)
    PMS 716C – Beak (orange – pelican chicks)
    PMS 145C – Beaks (burnt orange – mother pelican, chicks, mother’s plumage)
    PMS 295C – Background (dark blue)
    PMS lBlack C – Outlines
    The flag shall be 7 units tall by 11 units wide.
    The crest is to be treated as a single design element, inclusive of the mother pelican, chicks, nest and banner.
    For positioning purposes, the center of crest is the center of the triangle formed by three drops of blood.
    The crest is centered both vertically and horizontally on the field. The crest, measured through the center vertically and horizontally, is 5 ¼ units tall (from tip of mother pelican’s head to the bottommost point of banner) by 6 units wide (form tip to tip of banner measured from lowest corner of each tip).
    Louisiana Flag - History

    From 1912 and until 2006, most official Louisiana state flags omitted the three drops of blood on the mother pelican's breast.

    After the fact that the three drops of blood not being depicted on the state flags was brought to state's notice by an eighth-grader from the Vandebilt Catholic High School in Houma, the Louisiana State Legislature passed a bill which requires three drops of blood to be depicted on the pelican used in both the state's flag and seal.

    In November 2010, the flag was revised again, featuring a more detailed pelican than the previous one, as well as removing the word "and" from the ribbon - “UNION JUSTICE AND CONFIDENCE” was changed to “UNION JUSTICE CONFIDENCE”

    Louisiana flag picture

    Louisiana flag Picture

    Louisiana flag image

    Louisiana flag image

    Louisiana flag photo

    Louisiana flag image