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  • Mauritius Flag
    Nick name: Four Bands

    Adopted: March 12, 1968

    Proportion (width:length): 2:3

    French name: Les Quatre Bandes ("the four bands")

    Mauritius Flag - Information

    The Flag of Mauritius consists of four horizontal bands of equal width, colored (from top to bottom) red, blue, yellow, and green

    Mauritius Flag - colors meaning/symbolism
    Red represents the bloodshed at the time of slavery, colonisation and the struggle for freedom and independence
    Blue symbolizes the Indian Ocean surrounding the island
    Yellow represents the new light of independence shining over the island and the golden sunshine.
    Green represents the lush vegetation of Mauritius
    Mauritius Flag information
    The national flag of Mauritius was adopted upon independence, March 12, 1968. The official sizes of the flag are in accordance with the Mauritius Standard Bureau; standard MS.1-1:2011. The flag size is in the ratio of 2:3
    Mast Flag: 18 cm by 12 cm
    Desk Flag/hand held flag: 1.5 cm by 1 cm
    Car Flag: 3 cm by 2 cm
    Presidential Standard
    The flag of the president of Mauritius depicts national coat-of-arms in the center of the national flag. The coat-of-arms depicts, on the dexter side, a dodo per bend sinister embattled gules and argent, and On the sinister side, a sambur deer per bend embattled argent and gules, each supporting a sugar cane erect proper. In the first quarter of the shield has a lymphad and 3 palm trees in the second quarter. In the lower right quarter is a key and on the left-hand side is a white star, which are referred to in the Latin motto “Stella Clavisque Maris Indici” meaning “The Star and the Key of the Indian Ocean“.
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