Nebraska Flag
    Nebraska Flag
    State flag of Nebraska
    Adopted July 16, 1963
    Proportion 3:5
    Designer Florence Hazen Miller

    Nebraska flag

    Nebraska flag
    Nebraska state flag
    The state flag of Nebraska consisting of the state seal in gold and silver colors centered on a national blue field. The seal shows the Missouri River with a steamboat, a blacksmith in the foreground with his hammer and anvil, a settler's cabin surrounded by wheat sheaves and growing corn. In the background, a train is shown heading toward the Rocky Mountains, which are in view in the west. Above the Rocky Mountains is the state motto: “EQUALITY BEFORE THE LAW” The circle is surrounded with the words, “GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF NEBRASKA MARCH 1ST 1867”

    Nebraska flag colors - meaning

    wheat and stalks of growing corn: symbolizes agriculture of Nebraska
    blacksmith: represents mechanic arts of Nebraska
    steamboat: represents the commerce of Nebraska
    train: symbolizes the transportation of Nebraska
    MARCH 1ST 1867: is the date of statehood of Nebraska

    History of Nebraska flag

    Nebraska flag
    Nebraska flag history
    The current state flag of Nebraska was designed a state banner by legislative action in 1925. On July 16, 1963, its designation was changed to 'state flag'.

    Nebraska flag picture

    Nebraska flag Picture

    Nebraska flag image

    Nebraska flag image