Nevada Flag

    Nevada Flag
    State flag of Nevada
    Adopted July 25, 1991
    Proportion 2:3
    Designer Louis Shellback III
    Usage Civil and state flag

    Nevada flag

    Nevada flag
    Nevada State Flag
    The state flag of Nevada has solid cobalt blue background with two sprays of Sagebrush with the stems crossed at the bottom to form a half wreath in the upper left quarter. A five-pointed silver star with one point up is within the sprays. The word “Nevada” is inscribed below the star and above the sprays, in a semicircular pattern with the letters spaced apart in equal increments, in the same style of letters as the words “Battle Born.” Above the wreath is a scroll bearing the words “Battle Born.” The scroll and the word “Nevada” are in golden-yellow. The lettering on the scroll must be black-colored sans serif gothic capital letters.

    Nevada flag colors - meaning

    Battle Born: commemorates the fact that Nevada became a state during the American Civil War
    Silver star: represents Nevada (the star has one point up, symbolizing North and thus implying that the state was with the victorious Union in the American Civil War)
    two sprays of green sagebrush: honors the state flower

    History of Nevada flag

    Nevada flag history

    Nevada flag

    The current state flag of Nevada was designed by Louis Shellback III as part of a design contest held in 1926. Governor Fred B. Balzar signed into law a bill adopting the new flag in 1929 after some revisions were made in the state legislature. In 1989, however, a legislative researcher discovered that the bill as sent to and signed by the Governor did not accurately reflect the 1929 legislative agreement. The flag used from 1929 until it was revised in 1991 displayed the letters of the word "Nevada" in a complete circle around the flag's single star, with the "N" of Nevada at the uppermost tip of the star indicating its "northern" position in the civil war, and with each of the other letters of the word Nevada located in the spaces between the remaining points of the star, displaying near each junction of the star's pentagonal center. Thus "Nevada" was spelt from the "N" at the top, radiating clockwise E, V, A, D, A, in the spaces between the star's points. A law enacted in 1991 directed that the word "Nevada" appear below the star and above the sagebrush sprays.
    Nevada flag