New Jersey Flag
    New Jersey Flag
    State flag of New Jersey
    Adopted May 11, 1896
    Proportion 2:3
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    New Jersey flag

    New Jersey flag
    The state flag of New Jersey consists of the state seal, presented in Jersey blue, on a buff background. The State seal in the center of the flag contains a horse's head, a helmet of a knight's suit of armor facing forward, three plows on a shield, two Goddesses representing the State motto, "Liberty and Prosperity" - Liberty is on the left, holding a staff with a liberty cap on it, and the word LIBERTY underneath her & the Ceres, Goddess of grain and agriculture, on the right holding a cornucopia with the word PROSPERITY written below her. The streamer at the foot of the emblem contains the State Motto of New Jersey, "LIBERTY AND PROSPERITY", and the the year of American independence, 1776.

    New Jersey flag colors - meaning

    three plows: represents New Jersey agriculture tradition
    Goddess Liberty: symbolizes liberty and freedom
    Goddess Ceres: symbolizes Prosperity and abundance
    horse head: stands for speed and strength (horse is the state animal of New Jersey)
    helmet of a knight's suit of armor facing forward: represents sovereignty of New Jersey that governs itself
    1776: represents the year of American independence

    History of New Jersey flag

    New Jersey flag history
    On March 23rd, 1779 during the war of the Revolution, the Continental Congress, by resolution authorized and directed the Commander-in-Chief to prescribe the uniform, both as to color and facings, for the regiments of the New Jersey Continental Line. In accordance with this resolution, General Washington, in General Orders dated Army Headquarters, New Windsor, New York, October 2nd, 1779, directed that the coats for such regiments should be dark blue, faced with buff. On February 28th, 1780, the Continental War Officers in Philadelphia directed that each of said regiments should have two flags, viz: one the United States flag and the other a State flag, the ground to be of the color of the facing. Thus the State flag of New Jersey became the beautiful and historic buff, as selected for it by the Father of His Country, and it was displayed in view of the combined French and American armies in the great culminating event of the War of the Revolution, the capitulation of a British army under Lieutenant General Earl Cornwallis at Yorktown. The same color has been prescribed for the state flag of New York, where a law requires it to be displayed with the United States flag over the capital when the legislature is in session. General Washington evidently made the selection for historic reasons. New York and New Jersey had originally been settled by the Dutch. Dark blue (Jersey blue) and buff were Holland or Netherlands insignia.
    New Jersey flag

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