Flag of Serbia

    Serbia Flag fast facts
    Adopted: 11 November 2010
    Proportion (width:length): 2:3
    Inspired by: Flag of Russia

    Serbia Flag - Information
    The national flag of Serbia consists of three equal horizontal stripes of red (top), blue, and white (bottom) charged with the lesser coat of arms of Serbia, centered vertically and shifted to the hoist side by one-seventh of the flag's length. The coat of arms displays a white two-headed eagle on a red shield; a smaller red shield on the eagle represents the Serbian nation, and is divided into four quarters by a white cross with an Cyrillic C in each corner - the letters together mean, “Samo sloga Srbina spasava” (“Only unity will save the Serbs”) A royal crown surmounts the coat of arms

    Serbia flag facts
    The national flag is constantly flown on the entrances of state organ buildings. The National Assembly flies it only when in session and during state holidays. Organs of provinces, Vojvodina and Kosovo and Metohija, fly it only on national holidays. The flag is not flown in bad weather conditions. Also, it is flown only in daylight, unless it is illuminated. If the flag is flown vertically on tables or otherwise, its top field is on the left side of the viewer. If it is flown vertically across a street or square, its top field should be on the northern side if the street has east-west orientation, and eastern side if it has north-south orientation or on a circular square. If the flag is hoisted with another flag, it is always on the viewer's left, except during an official visit of a representative of another country or an international organization, when the flag of the visitor is on the viewer's left. If the flag of Serbia is hoisted along with two flags, it must be in the middle. If the flag is flown with multiple flags - If the flags are flown in a circle, it must be in the centre of the circle, clearly visible If the flags are flown in a semicircle, it must be in its vertex; If the flags are flown in a column, it must be in the front of the column; If the flags are flown in a row, it must be in the first place, that is, on the viewer's left; If the flags are flown in a group, it must be in the front of the group.
    Serbia flag (2010 - Present)

    The present flag was officially adopted on 11 November 2010
    Serbia flag (2004 - 2010)

    A new Serbian flag was adopted on Aug. 17, 2004, featuring the traditional red-blue-white stripes with the Serbian royal arms near the hoist. After Montenegro seceded from the federation on June 3, 2006, Serbia adopted the 2004 design for its national flag.
    Serbia flag (1992 - 2004)

    In 1991 Yugoslavia broke up into new independent states, leaving only Montenegro and Serbia as parts of Yugoslavia. Serbian constitutional referendum in 1992 asked the voters to choose between the flag with and without the star, with red star gaining the majority of votes. The red star was removed from the flag in 1992 by a recommendation by the Serbian parliament
    Serbia flag (1946 - 1992)

    After World War II, Yugoslavia was reformed into a socialist federal republic, composed of six republics, one of which was Serbia. Each republic was entitled to its own flag on the condition that it contained the socialist red star. Serbia adopted the Serbian red-blue-white tricolour, bearing a yellow-bordered red star in the center.
    Serbia flag (1918 - 1946)

    Following World War I, Serbia was part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes (later renamed Yugoslavia) and flew the Yugoslav blue-white-red tricolour. Yugoslavia was dissolved during World War II.
    Serbia flag (1882 - 1918)

    Serbia became independent in 1878. In 1882 Serbia established a state flag consisting of the red-blue-white tricolour with the royal Serbian coat of arms. The arms showed a red shield bearing a white cross with a Cyrillic C in each corner - the letters together mean, “Samo sloga Srbina spasava” (“Only unity will save the Serbs”). The shield also bore historic dynastic symbols: a white double-headed crowned eagle and a fleur-de-lis next to each talon.
    Serbia flag (1804 - 1882)

    Serbia's revolted against Ottoman rule in 1804 and adopted the white-blue-red tricolour flag of Russia but with the reverse order of the colors. (When delegation from Serbia went to Russia to seek help, they were asked to participate in the parade. Since they need a flag, they turned the Russian flag upside down and participated in the parade to prove that Serbs have their flag too.)
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