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    Thailand flag

    Flag of Thailand

    Thailand flag
    The flag of the Kingdom of Thailand consists of five horizontal bands of red, white, blue, white and red, with the central blue band being twice as wide as each of the other four.

    Thailand Flag symbolism - meaning
     Red symbolizes the nation and the blood of life
     White represents Buddhism and the purity of Buddhism
     Blue stands for the monarchy (blue was the auspicious colour of Rama VI, the designer of the flag)
    Flag of Thailand
    Flag of Siam (1855–1916)
    Who designed the flag of Thailand?
    The first flag of Thailand was created in 1855 by King Rama IV (Mongkut) that featured a white elephant on a red field. On November 21, 1916, King Rama VI (Vajiravudh) replaced the elephant with two horizontal white stripes against a red background. and on September 28, 1917, in the midst of World War I, the central red stripe was changed to blue in order to express solidarity with the Allies (the UK, USA, Russia, and France) whose flags were red, white and blue.

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    Thailand flag
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    Thailand flag
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    Thailand flag
    Flag of Thailand
    The Royal Standard of Thailand
    The Royal Standard of Thailand is the official flag of the King of Thailand. It was adopted in its present form in 1910 by the King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) It consists of a bright yellow square with a red Royal Garuda at the center. The Garuda is the national emblem of Thailand. The standards are usually hoisted at the King's palace of residence, sea or land vehicles and as an emblem on the side of the royal aircraft.

    Personal Flag of HM King Vajiralongkorn

    Personal flag of HM King Vajiralongkorn
    The personal flag of HM King Vajiralongkorn is a yellow flag (yellow is the King's birthday colour), with the Royal Cypher in the middle, topped by the Great Crown of Victory, in between is the Thai symbol for Aum.

    Similarity between Thailand flag and Costa Rica flag
    The flag of Thailand is similar to the Costa Rican flag, except the blue and red stripes are reversed.
    Thailand Flag Vs Costa Rica Flag

Thailand flag details

Nickname Thong Trairong
("Tricolour flag")
Adopted 28 September 1917
Designer King Vajiravudh (Rama VI)
Proportion 2:3