Flag of Uganda
    Uganda Flag
    Uganda flag facts
    Use National flag
    Adopted 9 October 1962
    Proportion 2:3
    Designer Grace Ibingira
    Uganda flag
    Uganda flag
    Uganda Flag

    The flag of Uganda consists of six equal horizontal bands of black (top), yellow, red, black, yellow, and red (bottom) with a grey crowned crane, facing the hoist side on a white disc at the center of the flag
    Uganda flag colors symbolism
    Uganda flag colors meaning
    Black symbolizes the African people
    Yellow stands for the African sunshine and vitality
    Red represents the African brotherhood
    The grey crowned crane with one leg on the ground and one leg raised symbolizes stability and progress of the country
    Uganda flag history

    Uganda flag
    Uganda flag history
    In 1962, the ruling Democratic Party proposed a national flag that had vertical stripes of green-blue-green, separated by narrower yellow stripes, and in the centre had the silhouette of a yellow crane. After the party lost the national elections on 25 April 1962 the newly elected Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) rejected the former design and instead proposed the current design. It was based on the flag of UPC– a tricolour having horizontal strips of red, yellow and black. The British administration gave their approval to this design before the country's independence. The flag was designed by the Ugandan Minister of Justice, Grace Ibingira
    Uganda flag Picture
    Uganda Flag Picture
    Uganda flag photo
    Uganda Flag photo
    Uganda Presidential Standard
    Uganda presidential standard
    Uganda flag image
    Uganda Flag image