Uruguay Facts
Uruguay Facts
The country Uruguay is named after the Uruguay River. The Guaraní word 'Uruguay' means "river of the painted birds"

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    World's longest national anthem
    Uruguay's National Anthem is world's longest national anthem in terms of duration. The "National Anthem of Uruguay", also known by its first line "Orientales, la Patria o la Tumba" ('Orientals, our nation or the grave'), has eleven verses, each followed by the chorus, 105 bars of music and lasts about five minutes when played in full. Normally, only one verse and the chorus are sung.

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    Football fans
    Uruguay won the FIFA World Cup twice. They were the hosts and winners of the inaugural tournament in 1930 and won it again in 1950. Uruguay won two gold medals in Summer Olympics, both in Football. It won football gold medals at 1924 Olympic Games in Paris and 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.

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First country in the world to legalise marijuana

Uruguay was the first country in the world to legalise the production, sale and use of marijuana. A Uruguayan adult can grow upto six marijuana plants per year at home.

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Wrote national anthems for two countries

Francisco Acuña de Figueroa has written the lyrics for the "Himno Nacional de Uruguay" ("National Anthem of Uruguay"). He was also the author of the lyrics to Paraguay's national anthem, "Paraguayos, República o Muerte".

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The Oriental Republic of Uruguay

Uruguay inhabitants refer to themselves as 'orientals' (people from the east) to reflect their position - east of the Uruguay river. So, the official name of Uruguay is 'The Oriental Republic of Uruguay'

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Southernmost capital city in the Americas

Montevideo is the capital and largest city of Uruguay. It is the southernmost capital city in the Americas.

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Switzerland of South America

Uruguay is the second-smallest South American country (Suriname is the smallest) More than three-quarters of the country is grassland, ideal for cattle and sheep raising. So, in this bovine paradise, cows outnumber people by three to one.

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National dish
Chivito is the national dish of Uruguay, It is a thin slice of tender cooked beef steak (churrasco), with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayonnaise, black or green olives, and commonly also bacon, fried or hard-boiled eggs and ham, served as a sandwich in a bun, often accompanied by French fried potatoes. Chivito means kid (young goat). The Uruguayan chivito arose in Punta del Este, Uruguay, at a restaurant called "El Mejillón Bar" in 1946, when a woman from Argentina ordered a sandwich of chivito for a hurried meal, expecting kid. The restaurant owner, Antonio Carbonaro, did not have this meat, and used beef fillet steak instead

Uruguay Quick facts
Name Oriental Republic of Uruguay
Capital city Montevideo
Largest city Montevideo
Motto Libertad o Muerte (Freedom or Death)
National language Spanish
Area 176,215 Sq. km (Rank: 89)
Population 3.5 million (Rank: 134)
Population density 19 per Sq. Km (Rank: 207)
GDP (PPP) $82.406 billion (Rank: 91)
GDP (PPP) Per Capita $23,571 (Rank: 60)
Currency Uruguayan peso (UYU)
President Tabaré Vázquez
Uruguay Quick facts
Independence (from Brazil) 25 August 1825
National hero José Gervasio Artigas
Coastline 660 km
Highest point Cerro Catedral (514 m)
Longest river Uruguay
Median Age 35 years
Literacy 99%
Life expectancy 77.4 years
Calling code +598
Internet TLD .uy
Uruguay time