Wisconsin Flag
    Wisconsin Flag
    State flag of Wisconsin
    Adopted May 1, 1981
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    Wisconsin flag

    Wisconsin flag
    Wisconsin state flag
    The state flag of Wisconsin has dark blue field with state's coat of arms in the center, the name of the state (WISCONSIN) above the arms, and its date of admission to the Union (1848) below. The coat of arms feature the U.S. motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” (meaning “One out of many”) and the national shield surrounded by a bigger shield with four quadrants featuring a plow, pick and shovel, arm and hammer, and an anchor. The shield is flanked by a miner and a sailor, above which appears a badger and above the badger crest is a scroll with the state motto, “FORWARD” Below the shield are a cornucopia and a pyramid of 13 lead ingots.

    Wisconsin flag colors - meaning

    miner: represents the pioneers and early miners of Wisconsin
    sailor: stands for the maritime heritage of Wisconsin and its ship-building industry
    badger: honors the early lead miners
    plow: symbolizes Wisconsin's rich soil and its agriculture
    pick and shovel: represent Wisconsin's mining industry
    arm and hammer: stand for Wisconsin's manufacturing industry
    anchor: symbolizes Wisconsin's lakes and waterways and its navigation
    cornucopia: symbolizes prosperity and abundance
    13 lead ingots: stands for Wisconsin's mineral wealth and the 13 original U.S. states
    U.S. motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and the national shield: symbolize Wisconsin's loyalty to the Union
    1848: is the year of Wisconsin's admission to the Union as a state

    History of Wisconsin flag

    Wisconsin flag
    Wisconsin flag history
    The flag was first designed in 1863 at the request of Civil War regiments who wanted an official flag to fly during the war on the battlefield. The flag was later revised several times to add more distinctive features. The last change was made in 1981 to add the word "WISCONSIN" in white capital letters above the Coat of Arms and the year of statehood, 1848, centered below it.

    Wisconsin flag picture

    Wisconsin flag Picture

    Wisconsin flag image

    Wisconsin flag image

    Wisconsin flag photo

    Wisconsin flag image